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Resale Certificate

As a wholesaler, Play Visions requires a current resale certificate on file for all of our customers who conduct business in a state that charges sales tax. (Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are exempt.) Washington state law dictates that we must have either a photocopy of the actual state certificate, or have a completed and signed Universal Resale certificate instead of just the resale or tax ID number.
Click here to download the Universal Resale Certificate


Play Visions requires a completed and SIGNED application on file for all customers because we require acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. No alterations or substitutions for the Play Visions application will be accepted. However, if your personalized credit sheet already contains your incorporation and ownership information, you may skip that particular portion of the application and attach your own form.
Click here to download the Play Visions Application
Click here to download the Disclosure

Credit References

If you are seeking Net 30 terms (Net 60 occasionally available through promotions) please provide a minimum of 4 credit references for us to contact . Please do not use credit cards, utilities or personal accounts. You may use your own credit reference sheet, or you may complete the credit reference fields in above credit application form.

Purchase Order

Download the PO form below for Retailer purchases from Play Visions.
Click here to download the Play Visions PO Form


Please Contact:

Elizabeth Marberg

Office Manager / Customer Service
Phone: 800-678-8697 Fax: 425-482-2842

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