Credit Card Order

With the Play Visions online shopping service, you can use American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard for orders. When you use your credit card, please provide your credit card billing address, if different from the shipping address. If the billing address you give us does not match the one that is on file at the financial institution, or if authorization is not given for any reason, we reserve the right to cancel the order without notification. We cannot work out credit card problems with the financial institution; you must settle problems with them and reorder once the problem is resolved.

COD Orders

COD orders are not accepted.

Purchase Orders

Institutional purchase orders (military, government, schools and universities) will be accepted with a tax exempt certificate.

Credits and Balances Due

Any credits on your account with us will be refunded promptly. We will use the same method to refund the amount as you used when you placed the order. For example, if the order was paid by credit card, we will credit your credit card account. Or we are also able to credit balance due on your next order.


Back orders will be shipped at the same terms as the original order. Back orders under $40.00 may be canceled. Unless otherwise requested, back orders will be cancelled after 90 days.

Canadian and International Orders

We will not falsify invoices or shipping labels under any circumstances. If your country is not an option in the checkout process, we cannot ship to your country. Check a product's shipping notes while you shop to learn of any possible shipping restrictions for particular products.

Returning Merchandise

Returns for defectives or errors must be authorized in advance. A 25% restocking fee is applied to all non-defective returns, unauthorized shipments and shipment refusals.

Defective Returns

If the item you wish to return is inoperable but has no apparent damage, it is considered defective. If you receive defective merchandise, please call Shopatron for assistance.

Claims for shortages must be reported within 14 days. claims for defectives must be reported within 90 days wfter receipt of goods.

Order Questions or Changes

If you have recently placed an order via the Play Visions online service and need information about it or would like to change it, there are a number of ways to contact us. Since we begin processing your order immediately after we receive it, modifications may not be possible, therefore please contact us immediately for any changes that may need to occur.

You can contact our friendly customer service representatives at 800-678-8697 or call an expert sales representative in your local area.

Price and/or Description Changes

All prices, pictures, and descriptions on this site are subject to change. We maintain no responsibility for inadvertent errors. Please contact us within 30 days regarding price or promotion discrepancies.

When you place your order with us, you agree to the price and terms indicated on our Web site. Price differences related to future or past prices in our store or any other store are not refundable.